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Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree Distribution Center, Savannah, GA

If you can imagine how many $1 items must be sold in order to reach that kind of national success, maybe you can imagine what kind of storage and warehousing system that kind of company must have in order to be successful. For this amount of large-volume storage, inventory, and distribution needs, a company’s distribution center would need to be a top-notch facility. The companies who invest in high-quality distribution centers for their goods and products are usually the companies who succeed in today’s marketplace. Dollar Tree is obviously no exception to this principle of building new, sophisticated, useful Distribution Centers. When it comes to a big project for a General Contractor, like the Dollar Tree distribution center in Savannah, Georgia, it helps to have a Mechanical Contractor that is capable, skilled, and trustworthy. Great contractors like Evans General Contractors trust Rogers Mechanical for their Distribution Center Plumbing, HVAC, and Control System needs. If you or your client need Industrial Plumbing or HVAC systems, call Rogers!