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HVAC Plans and Specifications – Plan & Spec Contracting

When you need a Mechanical Contractor with experience in Plan-Spec contracts, look no further than Rogers Mechanical Contractors. We can make your next Industrial, Large-Scale project amazing.

Rogers Mechanical Contractors – Plan & Spec Contracting You Can Trust

There are certain benefits to each major type of Mechanical Contracting project method. Specifically, the Plan-Spec project method is beneficial for General Contractors and Industrial Facilities who wish to have multiple checkpoints in the designing, bidding, and building process. Plan & Spec Contracting can maximize the strengths of more than one hired company, and has the potential to produce a more satisfactory outcome for all parties involved. Rogers Mechanical Contractors has the experience and expertise for your next Industrial HVAC Plans & Specifications project. We have the diversity and desire to exceed your expectations for any portion of Plan-Spec Mechanical Contracting.

Rogers Mechanical Helps You Get the Most out of Plan-Spec Contracting

Because there are multiple, separate entities involved in a plan-spec project, there is a greater need for solid communication between those entities. Quite often, that communication will be funneled through the General Contractor as well as the hiring company, so this type of contracting lends itself naturally to a higher rate of client involvement than Design-Build projects. Both the strengths and potential weaknesses of Plans & Specification contracting exist in the multiple checkpoint process. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s important for General Contractors and Facilities Owners to work with experienced, reputable, capable companies. You can search far and wide, but you’ll never find a Mechanical Contractor quite like Rogers Mechanical Contractors. See what we can do for your next Plan & Spec Building Project! So, check us out. And when you’re ready to succeed, contact Rogers Mechanical!

HVAC Plans and Specifications Projects – From Rogers Mechanical Contractors

HVAC Plan Spec Projects are typically large-scale ventures with complex systems and a scope of work that is designed, integrated, and specified by a MEP (Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing) Engineering firm. Since 1962, Rogers Mechanical Contractors has proudly provided quality plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and control services throughout the United States. Our people are some of the most intelligent, hard-working, and capable people you’ll find anywhere in the Mechanical construction industry. If you want your next mechanical contracting project to be great, make Rogers Mechanical a part of the equation!