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Lumber Liquidators

Distribution Center Mechanical Contracting by Rogers Mechanical

From the humble beginnings in 1993, to the American housing boom, through the myriad of changes in the housing and lumber industries throughout recent decades, Lumber Liquidators is a major player in the Lumber and Hardwood Flooring Industries. When Tom Sullivan first began selling excess lumber out of the back of a trucking yard in Stoughton, Massachusetts, he couldn’t possibly have envisioned the success that Lumber Liquidators would soon incur. Today, Lumber Liquidators is known throughout North America as one of the premier hardwood flooring retailers. If you’ve ever bought lumber or flooring from Lumber Liquidators, you know exactly why they’ve been so successful. One of the most noteworthy things about the Lumber Liquidators Distribution Center in the Metro Richmond area, besides the nearly 1,000,000 square feet of operating space, is the facility’s Mechanically Engineered “Cleanroom.” A Cleanroom, in Industrial Facilities, requires sophisticated controlling of the HVAC unit’s environment. The primary goals of a Cleanroom are centered around producing high-quality air, reducing airborne particles, and keeping a consistent range of temperature and humidity throughout the entire facility. If constructed correctly, a Cleanroom can also help a facility keep costs down while maintaining a desirable operating environment for employees, machinery, and inventory. If you are a general contractor who is looking for an advanced, capable, trustworthy Mechanical Contractor, Rogers Mechanical is here to help! Call or contact today, and make your next Mechanical Contracting job amazing!