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If your Industrial Facility, Distribution Center, or Manufacturing Facility is in need of Industrial HVAC services, Rogers Mechanical has all the skill, experience, and expertise you need for your project.

Engineering & Design

Whether you’re looking for Design-Build mechanical contracting services, Plan-Spec projects, Tenant Improvement, Retrofit, or Maintenance and Repair, Rogers Mechanical has the Industrial HVAC services and capabilities you need. Rogers has been Engineering and Designing custom Industrial HVAC systems since 1962. As our company has grown, we have further specialized in Industrial HVAC and Plumbing Services, and we excel in modern installation & design. Call today, and see what Rogers Mechanical can do for your Engineering and Design needs.


Many companies who claim to be Industrial HVAC Installation companies have very little experience in administrating the kind of HVAC Installation that your facility needs. When you hire an Industrial HVAC installation company, you need them to be professional, experienced, and capable enough to do whatever it takes to make your Mechanical Installation job the best experience you’ve ever had with a Mechanical Contractor. If your facility needs new rooftop units, Rogers Mechanical can utilize “Helicopter Sets.” Call Rogers today for your Industrial HVAC needs.


If your Industrial HVAC system is outdated, inadequate, inefficient, or in need of complete or partial replacement, Rogers Mechanical Contractors can handle it! Rogers Mechanical has become a nationally recognized mechanical contractor, and has the skill, experience, and expertise to handle your Industrial HVAC replacement. Whether you need boiler replacement, roof top HVAC replacement, control system replacement, AC unit replacement, Heat Pump Replacement, Furnace Replacement, Humidification or Dehumidification System replacement, Reciprocating Chiller Replacement, Cooling Tower Replacement, or any other Industrial HVAC system Replacement, call Rogers Mechanical.


When your home HVAC system breaks, it’s uncomfortable for you and the family. But when your Industrial HVAC system needs repair, it can be much more than just uncomfortable. It can be costly, and even harmful. Many Industrial HVAC systems have very specific operating parameters. For instance, if you own a Distribution Center for an organic grocery store, certain rooms must remain at very specific temperatures and humidity, or the foodstuffs will be ruined. Meat Packing Plants must keep the temperature of a large part of their facility very cold. Any failure to comply with these temperatures could spell ruin for these companies. If your industrial facility needs HVAC repair, call Rogers Mechanical!


If you own or operate an Industrial Facility, Distribution Center, or Manufacturing Plant, you know how big of an investment your Industrial HVAC systems are. Like any industrial machinery, Large-Scale HVAC Systems need proper maintenance. Rogers Mechanical Contractors offers the very best in on-going Industrial HVAC maintenance, monitoring, and preventative maintenance for our clients. If you need Industrial HVAC Maintenance, get the best! Call Rogers today.


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