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Safety Compliance by Rogers Mechanical

Safety Compliance is potentially a huge issue for General Contractors or Industrial Property Owners who are having Mechanical Contracting Services performed. But when you choose Rogers Mechanical Contractors, you get exceptional craftsmanship as well as a “Safety First” mentality.

Rogers Mechanical – A “Safety First” Mentality

At Rogers Mechanical Contractors, we train our technicians, from day one, to meet and exceed all appropriate safety regulations. In fact, the motto we’ve adopted above all else is “Safety First.” A potentially successful project is all for naught if the utmost in Safety Compliance Regulations are not practiced. We fully recognize that the most important asset to any company is their employees, and Rogers Mechanical feels the same way about our own employees, as well as you and every single one of your people. We take Safety Compliance seriously at Rogers Mechanical Contractors.

The Rogers Mechanical Contractors Pledge to Safe Facilities

For the duration and aftermath of our Mechanical Contractor projects, the people inside the facilities we perform service for are considered just as much a part of the Rogers Mechanical family as our longest-standing employees. For as long as we work in your Industrial Facility, our objective is to provide the safest possible working environment for all of our employees, every general contractor, every subcontractor, every client, every one of their employees, and every potential visitor in or around our jobsites. We work hard to keep you safe, during and after your building project!

The Keys to Rogers Mechanical’s Safety Program

Our commitment to safety is integrated throughout our comprehensive Environmental, Health & Safety Program. We have implemented policies and procedures to help ensure the safety of our jobsites. Highlighted below are just a few of the key protocols of our safety program:

  • Achieve excellent safety performance throughout employee training, and into continuing education
  • Require subcontractors to have an OSHA “10-Hour,” trained supervisor on site
  • Mandatory weekly jobsite safety meetings for our employees and all subcontractors working on the jobsite

At Rogers Mechanical, we feel that safety is every individual’s responsibility, and we insist that all members of our on-site groups be focused on safety protocols. This focus on safety practices, and our commitment to safety compliance training, has led to a consistently low experience modification rating. In fact, our Safety Compliance rates are low enough that it has consistently lowered our cost of Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Each subcontractor and new employee is required to go through a Safety Orientation training process prior to the start of a project. This process is designed to develop an awareness of safe working practices, and to aid us in our goal of “Zero Injuries and Accidents.” Rogers Mechanical will continuously strive to improve our safety program, and achieve the highest levels of excellence.

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