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Commercial HVAC Service and Repair

Our highly trained technicians have experience working with commercial HVAC systems and components for repairs and service from a variety of manufacturers. Our technicians will troubleshoot and diagnose many diverse scenarios and combinations of equipment. If a major HVAC repair is needed, our technicians will do everything they can to get the system up and running until replacement parts arrive and repairs can be made.

We are committed to giving the customer the best service possible and strive to never leave a customer unhappy. We desire to build life-long relationships with our customers, suppliers, vendors and team members.

We Offer the Best Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Service Near You

Why choose Rogers Mechanical? We’re not your typical HVAC Contractors. All our technicians operate on a culture of service, and we strive to do the right thing all the time, even when no one is watching.

More reasons to trust our technicians and our service for your HVAC service and repairs:

  • Our technicians are just that: technicians, not salesmen. Their sole focus is to find a solution to your problem, not sell you products or services you don’t need.
  • Our technicians will provide expert advice on the best approach to making the needed HVAC repairs.
  • We understand each building/property is different and has different needs and specifications. Our trained technicians will evaluate your HVAC system(s) and provide the best solution for your unique needs.
  • Desire to build a relationship with our customers, the relationship is far more important than a single transaction.
  • We are committed to keeping your HVAC equipment operating safely and efficiently.
  • We recommend preferred maintenance agreements to help ensure the reliability and longevity of your commercial HVAC systems.

We Offer the Best Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Service Near You

Your new commercial HVAC system can be even more reasonable with simple and easy financing through Rogers Mechanical Contractors. We’ll customize your plan to meet your company’s individual needs, helping you maintain or enhance results and reduce life cycle costs.
We have a variety of flexible commercial financing options, including leasing and monthly payments.

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Our Commercial Maintenance Agreement Gives You Peace of Mind.

Our Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement gives the most dependability and energy efficiency for your business’s heating and cooling systems, giving you the peace of mind needed to focus on other parts of your business.

These inspections are important in helping to ensure small issues don’t turn into big problems. Periodic service helps keep your commercial building more comfortable no matter the season, plus the added financial savings of a reduced amount of sudden costly repairs.