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Ulta Distribution Center

Industrial Warehouse Mechanical Contracting by Rogers Mechanical

A lot of work, from a lot of different people, in a lot of different locations, goes into putting high-quality products on store shelves. The folks at ULTA Beauty know how important that the industrial warehouses and distribution centers are to the overall success of their company. That is one of the many reasons why they would go to such great lengths to have their industrial warehouses and distribution centers be some of the greatest facilities in the country. The Ulta Beauty Distribution Center in Dallas, Texas is one of the more sophisticated, versatile warehouse facilities in the country.

Rogers Mechanical Contractors was proud to handle the Mechanical Contracting Services for this great facility. The ULTA Beauty Distribution Center contains a variety of corporate space, including administrative offices, common areas, mezzanines, and industrial function space with plenty of conveyors, grids, grates, and other mechanical construction. The diversity of usage, combined with the nature of the goods and products at ULTA, mean that climate control systems need to be in top working order.

When a facility of this magnitude needs the best Mechanical Contractors around, they call the Texas headquarters of Rogers Mechanical Contractors. Rogers quickly proved they would do whatever it took to administrate a successful project by utilizing helicopters to safely, efficiently deliver and install the massive rooftop HVAC units. This high level of effort and professional capabilities is what truly sets Rogers Mechanical Contractors apart from other Industrial HVAC, Plumbing, and System Control installation companies. Call Rogers Mechanical today for your next Industrial Warehouse, Distribution Center, or Manufacturing Facility project!