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The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design has been an important development in ensuring that all construction practices fall in line with the legacy of building better buildings.

Every day, over 2 million square feet of building space meets the specifications necessary to become a LEED Certified System. That doesn’t mean that attaining LEED Certification is easy. It’s actually a very time-consuming process that consistently encourages Industrial Building owners and Mechanical Contractors to go the extra mile. But at the end of the day, if you and your clients really care about the future of our great planet, LEED Certification is worth every dime.

Why Should My Building Become LEED Certified?

Today, the LEED Certified Rating System is the most widely used rating system for Green Building ratings in the United States, and the entire world. This highly effective, 3rd party rating system is the product of many years of environmental study. Sustainable building designs and environmentally sound mechanical contracting practices go hand in hand. If you are interested in LEED Certified new construction or you’re interested in remodeling your current facility in order to attain a higher LEED Certification rating score, Rogers Mechanical Contractors can help! Rogers is a company that is very experienced with LEED Certified building practices, including mechanical hvac, plumbing, and control systems. Take your first steps towards an environmentally conscious future! Call Rogers Mechanical Contractors today!

LEED Certifications for HVAC

In the realm of HVAC LEED Certifications, the name of the game is efficiency. From high-ranking LEED HVAC units, condensing boilers, and cooling systems, to efficient ventilation and air distribution, Rogers Mechanical can help your next Industrial HVAC project be environmentally conscious. New Mechanical HVAC, LEED Remodeling, we do it all!

LEED Certifications for Plumbing

With LEED Certifications for plumbing initiatives, most of the scoring is based around water conservation. Plumbing LEED Certifications are truly based around the principle that less is more. More water is wasted in the United States every year than any other nation. LEED Certifications for Industrial Plumbing help curb that behavior, one step at a time.


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